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PPM Quick Wins

Project Portfolio Management 'Quick Wins'
Five Ways to Quickly Improve Portfolio Governance

Publication Date: March 2011

In this whitepaper, Kennebec founder and Managing Director Stephen Arbuthnot explains that it is in fact possible for an organization to achieve measurable improvements to its PPM governance capabilities in less than one month.

He describes five scalable and surgical 'quick wins' that an organization can focus on to address specific PPM capability gaps. They include:

  1. Implement a central project repository
  2. Define a standard business case
  3. Run a portfolio optimization proof-of-concept
  4. Create a high-level portfolio delivery roadmap
  5. Set up a basic portfolio management office

The paper explores each 'quick win' in detail, including an overview of the types of organizational challenges each is likely to most effectively address, the expected benefits upon successful completion, as well as organizational or technical pre-requisites.

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